The Gospels: A Lesson in Stewardship

June 24, 2017

The Gospels: Full of Grace and Truth

A Lesson in Stewardship

Luke 16:1-15

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Prep for Next Week

  1. Begin studying - The Rich Man and Lazarus - Luke 16:19-31
  2. Pray for an opportunity to invite a friend to church or share the gospel with them

Follow-up Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean to be a steward?
  2. What are we a steward over?
  3. How do you feel you are doing as a steward?
  4. How can we as a church help you in your stewardship?
  5. What do you think of Jesus’ use of this parable to teach stewardship?
  6. What can we learn and apply from this parable of the unjust steward?
  7. How can we grow in our faithfulness “now?”
  8. What is the proper balance between watching your wallet and watching your heart?




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